Our Programs

We bring in other teachers to instruct art, music and culinary arts class. Here is a brief description on the programs.


To build a foundation and appreciate their individual creativity. By using an assortment of mediums, children will create works of art that showcase their unique talents.


Music is a way to express emotion and thought without words. Music also involves many areas of the brain being used in tandom and helps promote math, language and reasoning skills. Self expression and musical skills help develop self esteem as well.

Culinary Arts

When a child is involved in the cook experience, they will have a greater appreciation for a variety of foods. Upon completion of a recipe they take pride in their achievements.

Literacy Program

We integrate aspects from different literacy programs to develop a comprehensive language program for preschool aged children. The programs we use are Animated Literacy, Jolly phonics, Handwriting Without Tears and Montessori language materials.

Our Activities


We have a fenced in playground area at the school so we do not have to take the children off site. Outside play is important to develop gross motor skills.


We sing French songs at circle time and introduce basic French language such as colours, numbers, days of the week and body parts to the children.